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Become an    Ambassador

One way to participate with Global Family is to become an Ambassador—to express your unique calling, utilize your skills to serve others, evolve personally, and connect with others who share your values and are committed to co-creating a more loving world.

If you would like to become an Ambassador, please use the following self-selecting criteria to see if you feel aligned:

  • You value diversity, inclusivity, integrity, compassion, and respect for all beings.

  • You are doing your best to “be the change you want for the world.”

  • You want to be a voice for Global Family’s Vision and Mission in your community or your organization.


This is an “emerging role”—to be co-created with fellow Ambassadors. To clarify what is right relationship for you, please indicate which of these resonate with you:

  • I align with the vision of Global Family and the benefits of being an Ambassador.

  • I choose to represent Global Family in my area as an individual or as part of a Core Group for at least six months.

  • I empower individuals and teams in my community by seeding Core Groups to support individuals to evolve and to discover and fulfill their unique purposes.

  • I promote and network events that foster unity and are aligned with the spirit of Global Family.

  • I serve as a bridge with groups and organizations that share our values.

  • I assist Global Family community members with personal support when they visit my area.

  • I participate in regular link-ups and gatherings that energize the Ambassadors and the GF community.

  • I make a one time or monthly contribution to support the mission of GF.

  • I create my own project to express unity, love, and co-creation.


If you want to become an Ambassador and feel aligned with the self-selecting criteria and the opportunities for personal empowerment, please connect with us.  (This information is also available in German.)

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