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The Essential Elements

As individuals join a Core Group, they experience the essential elements of the Process—which include:

  • making the internal shift in identity from personality to presence

  • maintaining and sustaining the resonant field

  • overcoming the illusion of separation

  • deepening in the practice of inner listening

  • identifying your unique soul’s purpose

  • connecting with resonant partners to fulfill your shared destiny

  • learning new decision-making and leadership practices to birth a more loving world







Unlike groups that focus on personal and spiritual growth but don’t take social action in the world, and unlike social action groups that don’t take the time to cultivate harmony and resonance among themselves, groups that follow the Core Group Process™ model love and action. The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 is an in-depth experiential guide to this Process!

By seeding our organizations and communities with these synergistic social units, we can become fulfilled, actualized humans who are making immense contributions to society.  As members of co-creative groups, we can drop the old habits of fear, dominance/submission, unhealthy competition, and separation.  In their place, we can experience love, harmony, cooperation, and alignment that will greatly increase our effectiveness in creating positive social change.


We envision humanity living harmoniously with one another and all life!

Youth at World Children’s Center in India
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