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Core Group in Marin County CA
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Youth Core Group in Geneva

Steps for Starting a Core Group


Although there are many ways to begin the Core Group Process™, here’s one way that we recommend:

  • Because resonance is the heart of this Process, you can begin by inviting five to eight friends with whom you feel a heart connection to join you. 

  • Ideally, everyone in the group will purchase The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0.   It’s OK to share a Handbook.

  • Your group will determine how often to meet.  Fifteen to twenty sessions are recommended. 

  • Agree that all members will participate in all the meetings.

  • The Handbook will serve as your guide throughout the process. 

  • Everyone will have an opportunity to lead a meeting.  This helps empower everyone.

  • Experience and enjoy the co-creative process.  There’s no right or wrong way to do it.  Take as much time as needed to express yourselves fully. 

  • Notify Global Family about your group and we’ll include you in our network of Core Groups.

Global Family's new guidebook facilitates a heartful

15 to 20 session experience to deepen personally, practice listening to your inner guidance and the wisdom of your heart, discover or clarify your life purpose, connect with resonant partners to express your divine destiny, build community, and birth a

new world—a co-creative society.

Go to our online store to purchase your copy
and begin the Process.

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