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The Evolution of the Core Group Process™   


The essential elements of this Process were revealed to Barbara Marx Hubbard and Carolyn Anderson in 1984 as they toured the U.S. for Barbara’s Vice Presidential Campaign for a Positive Future. People formed spontaneously in small circles, attracted to the vision of a better world and the roles they might play in creating a new society. They developed resonance and joined genius with one another as they became dedicated to serving the vision and mission of the Campaign.  It was by mapping the pattern of the Positive Future Centers that the outline of this model for personal and planetary transformation was discovered and the Process was revealed. 

As co-founders of Global Family in 1986, Barbara and                 Carolyn developed the concept of the Core Group                       Process™ and initiated early trainings to share the model           with others.  When Tim Clauss joined the staff of Global             Family in 1988, he worked with Carolyn to co-create                 many of the exercises, tips, and guidelines that are                     contained in The Co-Creator's Handbook 2.0.

In those early years, the word “co-creation” was not in the         dictionary.  Although members of Findhorn Community had   used this word to describe their relationship with nature,         most people were unfamiliar with the basic concept. Barbara Marx Hubbard and Global Family were instrumental in making the term popular through their publications, trainings, and gatherings in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Carolyn Anderson, and Tim Clauss

Global Family was a member of the Global Heart Coalition at the Earth Summit in Rio.
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