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The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 is an essential tool for individuals and groups who are longing to express their true purpose and join with others to uplift and evolve humanity and our world.   It contains a detailed description of the Core Group Process,™ which has empowered thousands of people everywhere to find greater purpose and fulfillment.

The Handbook is designed to empower individuals and teams at the leading edge of transformation and is a practical road map to support you in fulfilling your purpose and potential as part of a co-creative team.  This new Handbook goes well beyond the last version of the book in offering new tools and experiential exercises to:

  • Evolve personally from ego to Essence

  • Build the field of love and resonance to overcome the illusion of separation

  • Access your inner wisdom

  • Discover and deepen your life purpose

  • Identify resonant partners to fulfill your divine destiny

  • Learn new decision-making skills that go beyond consensus

  • Connect with others to birth a more conscious society

Buy the Handbook now and begin the Process!
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