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Make a Difference --

Foster Unity and Love Worldwide!

For over 35 years Global Family has supported the formation of small Core Groups and inspired dozens of social initiatives to awaken humanity to its full potential.   During these challenging times, we are called to expand our work by creating new teaching tools, seeding more resonant circles, and expanding our outreach. We are also attracting additional Global Family Ambassadors to support the shift in consciousness to unity, love, and co-creation. 


Your donation will empower and connect individuals and groups
to actualize their purpose and co-create positive change in the world. 

Thank you for your support!

Our Accomplishments

For over 30 years Global Family has supported thousands of individuals and small groups to discover their passionate purpose and play their parts in transforming society.  The following are some of the initiatives that this organization has catalyzed:

  • Seeded 1000+ international core groups – empowering individuals and groups, activating numerous co-creative projects, and connecting co-creators locally and globally. 

  • Produced educational materials – including The Co-Creators Handbook 2.0, webinars, videos, and training manuals to support individuals, Core Groups, and Ambassadors. 

  • Connected our network – Global Family radio, newsletters, and regional re-unions linked us together as one family sharing the positive news of our times. 

  • Supported peace, sustainability, and social justice at the U.N. – Since 1988 the Global Family team has collaborated with other non-governmental organizations to protect the rights of women and children, support sustainable development, and promote peace and social justice worldwide. 

  • Conducted citizen diplomacy trips – numerous travels to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to end the cold war and support emerging democracy.

  • Birthed Hummingbird Community – an intentional eco-village community in rural northern New Mexico serving as a “living laboratory for the evolution of consciousness and co-creation” -- founded over 25 years ago. 

  • Inspired thousands of individuals – to discover their life purpose and join with resonant partners to birth a more loving world. 

  • Sponsored dozens of global and local events – educational trainings, and experiential gatherings to unite, support and empower members of our global family. 

  • Participated in international peace conferences – staffing and supporting the success of international peace conferences, such as the Global Forum, the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and the Soviet-American Citizen Summits in Washington D.C. and Moscow.

  • Collaborated with and served as fiscal sponsor for many aligned organizations – to promote cooperation and amplify our efforts to birth a more loving world. 

How Your Support Will Help 

By initiating more Core Groups and expanding our network of Ambassadors, we see thousands of people worldwide being empowered and uplifted as they discover and fulfill their unique callings. We envision new projects and initiatives blossoming locally and globally to contribute to solving humankind’s greatest challenges. 

We feel inspired, energized, and grateful to be supporting the shift in consciousness to unity, love, and co-creation.

Thank you for your contribution.

Together we ARE making a difference!

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