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Core Group in West Africa

Core Group Process

Core Group in Toronto, Ontario
GF youth attending meetings at the UN in Geneva

We live in a time of radical change and remarkable opportunity. The dominator model that created bureaucracies, hierarchies, and pyramidal organizations emerged in the past from a consciousness of separation and fear.  As humanity evolves, this old way of leading is giving way to a partnership model that empowers individuals to express their full potential. Outer authority is succumbing to inner knowing. Small groups are springing up spontaneously in every community to emancipate the talents of those who choose to participate.


The Core Group Process™ supports us in awakening to our divine nature, expressing our potential and experiencing more love, connection, mutual respect, and creativity.   This Process has been the foundation of the work of Global Family since our inception in 1986 and is the primary way that we have empowered and connected individuals and groups to actualize their purpose and co-create positive change in the world.   

The Core Group is a safe haven of support—a place where participants can express all aspects of themselves, learn to love their uniqueness, discover their life purpose, and be supported to fulfill that purpose in the world. Eventually these co-creative cores link with one another to create a field of resonant love that is powerful enough to affect a shift in the whole field of consciousness. Like small replicating cells, they come together to build a healthy planetary body and bring humanity to the next stage of its evolution: a co-creative species, cooperating consciously as Loving Presence with each other, with nature, and with the Divine.


This Process is a natural next step in evolution: a way to link consciously through the heart to align small circles of people—and eventually much of humanity—in the experience of Oneness. Core Groups build family and team, inspire joint action based on unconditional love, and have the potential to birth a new world that is guided by spiritual values rather than by competition, control, fear, or greed. Our intention in connecting co-creators and supporting the convergence of Core Groups is to build a culture of peace, a planetary co-creative culture. 

Working together in resonance is the key to a brighter future.       

Youth working on Declaration of the Human Rights for Children at the UN.
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